Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dragonscale Maille

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As the end of the year nears, the blog will be winding down as well.  A gentle reminder The Alchemists Vessel will be closed for the Christmas and New Year Holidays.

If you read Monday's blog post, you saw the sample of the Large size Dragonscale Bracelet I have been working on.  I love this weave, beautiful and deceptive in its intricacy, once you have the basic pattern down it is a fairly simple and very fun weave.

I thought I would show off the finished product.  This is mine, I made it for me.

Dragonscale in Aluminum, silver, aqua and purple rings.  Although made from aluminum, this piece does have some weight, about 188 to 200 rings complete the piece.

Finished with a bar clasp that came with the rings, in a just smidge too short size, it still works wonderfully.

Surprising supple for its interlocking pattern, it feels absolutely amazing when worn.  Smooth and silky, it slithers across the skin, sensual and serpentine.  Strong, sturdy and a sensational conversation starter, perfect for a subtle pop of color at the office, or to brighten up that favorite pair of jeans, date night, girls day out, this will go with everything in your closet!  Fits any fashion style, Rocker, Goth, Biker, Steam-punk, Hipster; and as an added bonus girly-girls can have them made in pink!  Bracelets will be available in pre-made color combinations or custom colors of the customer's choice.  These take a while to weave, unless a pre-made piece is selected expect at least a week turn around time, to create, package and ship your bracelet to you.

Slinky, shiny, stunning and mine!

How to order a Dragonscale Bracelet: Anodized and Natural (Silver) Aluminum only. 

1. Choose your colors -   Select two to three colors for your bracelet from the chart below.

2. Measure your wrist, allow the tape measure or string about a 1/4" or finger width slack.  An average bracelet measures 7-1/4" and should fit most wrists.  Include your wrist circumference in inches, for a secure and custom fit.

3. Decide on a color scheme, how do you want your colors placed, or choose "Free Reign" and allow The Alchemists Vessel to arrange your colors for you.

Pre-made color combinations or custom request bracelets are $50.00.
Wristwatches $55.00
Wristband replacement / change out $40.00

Mini Dragon Scale, due to the size and number of rings it takes to weave this pattern (300 or more) in a smaller version, custom orders will be required. 
Bracelets - $65.00

*Precious Metal is available upon request, serious inquires only, please.  May be made in the materials listed, any alteration or substitution will be discussed on a per order basis.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before any Precious Metal custom order beings.

Sterling Silver:  $500.00
Sterling Silver / Niobium Blend: $375.00

Sterling Silver: $350.00
Sterling Silver and Niobium Rings: $360.00
Silver and Gold Filled: $475.00

Two color, alternating rows with silver aluminum outer rings.

The Chart below shows three color combinations, "Samug", "Keir's Dragon" and "Sample", the sample is the palette for the bracelet shown above.  Keir's Dragon also has a pattern incorporated into it, the colors represent the smaller colored rings only.

Each line of color represents two or three jump rings as they are placed in the weave.  Reading the scheme for "Smaug" we see, two gold rings, three orange rings, two yellow rings, and three Red rings, the pattern skips and changes colors around for a different sequence every two rows.

*Jump Ring Color Chart copy and pasted from the internet.

Please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or question.  You can always e-mail us or check us out at any of the links below and inquire about your very own dragonscale bracelet.

Handmade Artists
The Alchemists Vessel

Thank you for stopping by and having a look.

The Alchemists Vessel would like to wish you a pleasant day.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Items at Ravens Nook

Raven Pendant

Raven Pendant Enameled Metal Necklace
Raven Pendant Enameled Metal Necklace
Raven Pendant Enameled Metal Necklace Raven Pendant Enameled Metal Necklace Raven Pendant Enameled Metal Necklace
Simple, elegant and just right for an evening of reading in the Library or roaming Gothic Halls at dusk. Rocker, Biker, Goth, Edgar A. Poe fan, this is the piece for you!

18" long, enameled metal raven charm measures just shy of 1/2". Suspended from a matching Gunmetal tome chain and finished with a Lobster Claw clasp.

Arrives boxed, ready for gift giving.

Customizable, genuine gemstones of the customers choice may be added to the chain upon request for an additional $5.00.

Crow Earrings Enameled Metal Drop Hoops
Crow Earrings Enameled Metal Drop Hoops Crow Earrings Enameled Metal Drop Hoops
Black enameled metal and black and white pictures of a Crow encased beneath a low dome of plastic make for a wonderful pair of interesting and dynamic earrings. 26mm, about the size of a quarter, these are sure to enhance any little black dress or leather jacket. Great for Goths, Bikers, Rockers, Edgar A. Poe fans or Metal Heads.

Black enameled metal disks and low plastic domes cover black and white pictures of Crows, hung form Fish Hook style ear wire in matching gunmetal tone. May be changed upon customers request.

Arrives boxed, ready for gift giving.

Pendant Black WIng with Red Czech Glass Bead Necklace
Mysterious, Gothic and shiny, this pendant is just right for a night out on the town, or a fun accessory for any occasion. One of two, the fashionable feathers are perfect for Rocker, Biker or your favorite Goth!

Black metal wing is set with clear and black Rhinestones, and suspended from a matching gunmetal chain, interrupted by a single silver-lined Czech glass bead in Ruby Red. Finished with a Lobster Claw clasp.

Chain measures 18", pendant is 2-12/" long.

Arrives boxed, ready for gift giving.

Also available with Hematite Czech glass bead.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jens Pind Linkage Tutorial

Good Morning,

I can't get the blogs to cooperate today, here is the link to the Jens Pind Linkage Chainmaille Tutorial I have on the other blog.

Thanks for stopping in.

~ Ravens Nook

Jens Pind Chaimaille Tutorial

Monday, September 3, 2012

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We carry a variety of Genuine Gemstones, Sterling Silver Findings and other precious metals, as well as Czech Glass, Pearls and a wide selection of Handmade Artisan jewelry ready to wear.

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